7 Hottest Outdoor Decor Trends for Fall

Garden and outdoor decor shop Terrain shares what’s on their radar for the season

Nena Farrell
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Seasonal Narrators

The warm tones of amaranth and sorghum are taking the lead this fall, with tassel-like flowers that can brighten up floral arrangements and tabletops. Decorate with them now and then plant them next spring if you want to grow your own for years to come.
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Mum’s the Word

Chrysanthemums are a huge highlight of fall, and the Terrain team has their eye on “tonal, color-driven mums that run the spectrum from pale peach to deep burgundy and rust.” Use them in a varied arrangement or in a single-stem vase to highlight their beauty.
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Trending Materials

This fall is going raw, according to Terrain. “Black is always trending, but right now we love bringing it into living spaces with raw materials like wood and oxidized metals like iron. Whether it’s a primitive, blackened oak or ceramic serving ware in the kitchen, or a striking, black-based cloche on an entry table, this is a look we expect to have lasting power.
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Hot Feet

Anything footed is big for this fall. Elevate your pots with teak feet (like the above plant stand from Terrain), or glass vessels with brass pieces to give your decor varied elevation.
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Surprise, Surprise

The one consistent theme for this fall? The unexpected. The Terrain team see their customers creating decor with a twist, like adding aged metal flower stems to a pair of doorstep planters, or hanging dried wreaths to welcome guests for the season.
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Warm Welcome

The true centerpiece for outdoor decor? The fire pit. Whether it’s on the patio, porch, or in the garden, a cozy corner is the outdoor space of choice for fall gatherings.
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Popping Off

A backyard bonfire is functional in more ways than one. In addition to adding a warm element to cool evenings, it also provides an outdoor cooking zone. Terrain’s newest arrivals include a marbled enamelware popcorn popper suited for an open fire (perfect for a fall party snack!) and a latticed log holder to keep firewood at-the-ready.