11 Cool Pool Floats for Endless Summer Splashing

Stay cool on the water with these whimsical pool floats for little ones and kids-at-heart

Alejandra Bennett and Jessica Mordo
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Over the Rainbow

This rainbow might not have a pot of gold at the end, but the six integrated floating cup holders make it a party starter. Bonus: The arc shape makes this pool float double as a volleyball net. Score!
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One in a Melon

What says summer more than an oversized watermelon pool float? Made of extra durable vinyl, you’ll be sure to make a splash with this fruity pool accessory.
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Rosé All Day

Take the pink drink to the water, in more ways than one. What says summer more than that?
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Birds of a Feather

This flamingo will keep your little one safe and comfortable (not to mention stylish!) atop the pool’s surface this summer. For kids one to two years old, this float features a headrest and soft leg support.
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Desert Dreams

No prickly needles on this cactus! Float to your heart’s content on this saguaro-shaped pool accessory and feel your cares melt away.
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In the Palm of Your Hand

Give yourself a high-five for supplying your pool party with a float full of arty personality.
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Summer Treat

The kiddos will love cooling off in the pool afloat this inflatable ice cream cone before enjoying the real deal once the ice cream truck arrives.
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Graceful Gliding

This pool float is no ugly duckling. The oh-so-precious floral print meets cheeky design for all your Insta-worthy moments.
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The New Avocado Toast

Avocado is no longer just a favored brunch staple. Spread out on top for a fun-filled day on the water.
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Green Goddess

A pool float that will “leaf” your friends green with envy. Made from water-resistant vinyl, you’ll feel like the queen of the jungle while getting some sun on this bright green translucent float.
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Better with Sprinkles

The donut pool float might feel ubiquitous come summer, but it’s become popular for a reason. Some might think it’s due to the naturally conducive shape; we say it’s for the whimsical sprinkles.