10 Self-Watering Pots to Save Time & Precious Resources

Grow your houseplant collection with these easy, low-water and even lower-maintenance self-watering pots

Lennie Larkin
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Mobile Home

With this sleek design from Gardener’s Supply Company, you’ll never have to sacrifice style for function. The trough-like corrugated tin is framed in a rich faux wood, and the whole thing is built on wheels so you can move it with the sun throughout the season.
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Windowsill Companion

This elegant window box planter from Grandin Road transports us to New England. While it resembles freshly-painted wood, it’s actually constructed of double-walled polyethylene, keeping it neat and new-looking throughout the seasons.
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Ascending Garden

For the adventurous gardener lacking an in-ground garden, this planter from Gardener’s Supply Company is a dream come true. Finally try your luck at vining crops such as sweet peas, cucumbers, or snap peas and watch in awe as they climb.
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Scandi Sleekness

This sleek, low-maintenance self-watering planter from Ikea is ideal for those of us who love having plants in the house, but don’t have the time to tend to them daily. An added benefit is that it’s built on casters, making it a breeze to try out different locations in the house.
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This Well Runs Deep

This gorgeous self-watering planter from Gardener’s Supply Company looks like your classic patio pot, but actually holds up to one quart of water for your thirsty plants. Made of hand-painted resin, this durable pot will stand the test of time on your patio filled with your favorite plants.
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Small Wonder

Leave it to Ikea to design the sleekest, tiniest little self-watering planter you ever did see. We love this one for small houseplants or even herbs for your own little kitchen garden. Simply add water to the reservoir and watch as it takes care of your plants for you.
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Compact Style

You don’t need to have a green thumb or even a watering can to keep flowers happy in this handy self-watering window-box planter from Gardener’s Supply Company. It’s got a small, compact design that attaches easily to a railing or under a window.
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All-Weather All-Star

This exclusive from Grandin Road boasts the look of natural wood, but is actually made of weather-resistant double-walled polyethylene. The self-watering reservoir allows you to leave it unattended for days at a time as it takes care to deliver just the right amount of water to your precious plants.
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Luxe Look

These stunning planters from Gardener’s Supply Company look just like pottery. But while ceramic planters demand a lot of extra watering from the gardener, these pots require little attention as they water plants from a reservoir underneath.
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DIY Edible Garden

This cool DIY self-watering cherry tomato planter kit is just as fun for us adults as it is for kids. Based in biochar, this olla pot allows you to add water just once a week. The best thing is that there are no drainage holes, meaning no messy water to clean up on the windowsill.