Top 8 Wind Chimes for Modern Yards

Wind chimes and garden bells that will turn your yard into a serene oasis

Joanna Linberg
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New Classic

This is the wind chime we all grew up with, but modernized with a beech wood top and leaf-shaped pendulum. The polished aluminum tubes ring out gently—no harsh tones here. And how’s this for music to your ears? The company plants a tree for every chime purchased.
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Clearly Beautiful

With a melodious peal, these transparent ornaments cast a spell on your yard. They come in two sizes, each with a different tone, and would look (and sound) magical hanging in multiples from tree branches.
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Stacked in Your Favor

It looks like it shouldn’t work: thin ceramic cones that clink together to ring, without shattering. This wind chime’s design is as magical as the gentle curve it takes on as it sways in the wind. The modern take is a must-have for anyone with a minimalist aesthetic.
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Chain of Cool

You know that woman who always wears well-tailored clothing and delicate gold jewelry? This is her wind chime. The tiny heart-shaped bells hanging from woven jute are basically a necklace for your porch. At this price, take a handful home and accessorize freely.

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Quiet Soul

Close your eyes and picture the last time you felt truly relaxed and at peace. The ideal soundtrack for that Zen moment is the soft knock of bamboo on bamboo, perfectly captured in these wind chimes. It’s a classic sound that focuses your attention rather than demanding it.

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Colorful Personality

Looking for something different from a classic wind chime? Loosen things up with beaded strands that deliver a distinct boho vibe. While the look is delicate, the materials aren’t: The glass beads and iron bells hang from sturdy leather lacing, so this can stand up to a stiff breeze. Try it inside as an unexpected wall hanging, too.

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Perfect for coastal homes (or people who wish they had a coastal home), this glass wind chime offers the gentlest of sounds, while sunlight makes the sea glass-inspired colors glow. At a foot-and-a-half long, this looks like way more of a budget-buster than it is.
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Dreamy in Nature

If movement is what you’re after more than a chime, consider an outdoor mobile. This handmade version is crafted from driftwood pulled off the beaches of Cyprus and is painted with geometric designs. If that doesn’t give you a quick mental vacation, just pair with a glass of rosé.