11 Pretty & Practical Vanity Table Accessories

A vanity table is an everyday luxury. This is your guide to setting one up in style

Joanna Linberg
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A Good Look

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, you’re not exactly ideal for applying eyeliner. When you need a close-up, turn to this table mirror. It’s angled to give you the best view for precision tasks and, at 10 1/4 inches wide, lets you take in your face as a whole.
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Treasure Trove

Keep your everyday jewelry at hand to streamline your morning routine. This 10-inch brass and marble stand helps necklaces and bracelets stay untangled, but its best feature is subtle: The base features a slight dip to keep rings and earrings safely corralled, too.
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Spotlight’s on You

Even in a room full of natural light, some tasks (and some times of day) need directional light. This slim lamp won’t hog the tabletop and the head swivels to shine exactly where you need it. You can even pull double-duty and charge your phone while you primp via a USB port on the base.
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All Together Now

It’s a makeup miracle: a rotating shelf with large enough compartments to store a realistic number of cosmetics, and without cheesy ornamentation. Yes, it’s meant for teens, but it’s impossible to outgrow smart organizers.
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Fresh Pickings

Get your nature cure first thing in the morning with a vase full of lush flowers. But here’s the genius part: These require no water changes, won’t litter petals all over the vanity table, and will never die because they’re made of silk! Each piece of greenery and petal is so carefully rendered that you’d be forgiven for leaning in for a sniff.
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Coasting to a Win

X marks the spot for your morning mug, nighttime glass of pinot, or, ok, cleansing glass of water. These brass coasters keep your vanity table free of water rings and look darn glam while doing it. They come as a set of four so your nightstand doesn’t have to feel left out.
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Hold Everything

We’re betting even Marie Kondo keeps a trinket dish around. It’s so handy for storing bobby pins and hair bands, or for safely tucking rings while you apply lotion. This sweet lemon cup has our nod, but any small dish or saucer will work.
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Stay Lit

Sometimes a moment of zen is just a matchstick away. This container candle is subtly scented with relaxing lavender, jasmine, and mandarin oils, and—with a 60-hour burn time—will help you keep your cool for months. Even sweeter: It’s made in Brooklyn with nontoxic vegetable wax.
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Superpowers in a Bottle

In this day and age, self-care is a nationwide obsession. Swipe on this energizing body oil with notes of jasmine, sandalwood, and cardamom, and you’ll be walking into Monday morning like you’re Beyoncé after headlining Coachella.
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Time on the Mind

The clock is ticking but sometimes it’s not enough. We need a visual cue. Enter the old-fashioned hourglass. It’s still a brilliant way to see how much time you have left before you’re due out the door. This set lets you track 5-, 15-, and 30-minute segments.
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On the Go

For gym days, party days, and any day when your look and scent need a re-up, have a cosmetics bag on hand. We’re obsessed with this pouch’s small leather monogram—so simple, so chic.