10 Super-Sweet Valentine’s Day Decorations

Spread the love with these charming homages to Valentine’s Day 

Alejandra Bennett
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The Light of Your Life

Chic and minimalist, this neon table lamp from Urban Outfitters will quickly become a year-round fixture in your home décor. The light is mounted on a sleek acrylic base, making it easy to position anywhere.

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Sparks Flying

Feel the love this Valentine’s Day with these festive sparklers. Each ruby red sparkler is handmade in the U.S.A.

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Season of Love

Deck the halls with boughs of…pink! Keep the spirit of love and celebration going well through February with this festive coral garland. String the garland across a door frame or hang it to brighten a blank wall.

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All You Need is Love

This year, think bright and bold for your Valentine’s Day decorations. What could be better in the dead of winter, anyways? These large colored pom-poms from Pomtree on Etsy will do the trick.

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Tangled up in Love

Keep it au naturale this Valentine’s Day with this darling heart garland, made from strands of grapevine. For an extra-festive touch, intertwine your no-longer-in-use Christmas lights around the garland. Safe for indoor or outdoor use.

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Love Language

It’s all too fitting that French is designated a Romance language. This Valentine’s Day, adorn your wall with this beautifully crafted aluminum sculptural piece, spelling out “I love you” in French.

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Love Is in the Air

Get the party started this Valentine’s Day with customizable confetti poppers from Etsy. Each order can be tailored to meet your needs, whether it’s adding your loved one’s name to the packaging or using biodegradable ingredients like flower petals (how romantic!) in place of tissue paper.

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Feeling the Love

Designed in collaboration with wedding gown designer Monique Lhuillier, these linen and cotton blend coasters are embroidered with little gold hearts. They are sophisticated, celebratory, and just the right amount of girly—the perfect touch for entertaining this Valentine’s Day.

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Love in Abundance

You can use it to store your trinkets, sure. But we think this is the ideal Valentine’s Day vehicle for chocolate-covered strawberries, candy hearts, and cookies. Add this porcelain tray to your bar cart to display all your sweetest delights!

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Filled with Love

Feeling that can’t breathe, can’t sleep, just want to shout it from the rooftops kinda love? There’s no better way to express your feelings than to spell them out with these 34” gilded balloons.