10 Eye-Catching Hand-Woven Pieces

Macramé, tapestry wall hangings, and more hand-woven textiles are having a moment. We’ve rounded up our favorite pieces for irresistible home décor

Alejandra Bennett
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Woven Wall Hangings

Hand-woven by artisan weaver Justine Ashbee, these incredible tapestries are constructed with radiant gold and silver fibers. Choose from four different colorways and styles to add an eye-popping element to your walls.

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From Rags to Riches

Don’t let a rag rug’s name fool you; this vintage Swedish rug is far from scrappy. Intricately woven and with an understated palette, this woven piece would be great in a hallway, mudroom, or kitchen (in front of the sink).

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Hanging Planters

Bringing a little greenery into your home is ever more practical and stylish with this 70’s-inspired macramé plant holder. Available in black and white, you can choose between a more modern or classic take on the look.

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Indigenous Textiles

South America is home to some of the most incredible woven textiles, dating back to the Incas. The fabric used for this 20x20 pillow, available on Etsy, is sourced from Cusco in the mountains of Peru, where it’s hand-woven from sheep’s wool and hand-dyed.

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Basket Case

Woven with bleached banana leaves, this large tote is a great catch-all for blankets, toys, books, laundry—you name it! With sturdy handles and a deep belly, this is a home purchase you won’t regret.

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Bed Skirt

  • Macramé Bed Skirt; $128 - $178

Bring the bed skirt back into style with this fun fringed find. The crisp white keeps it classic, while the macramé detail adds an unexpected accent and texture. Available for all bed sizes, from twin to California king.

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Boho Portal

A window treatment like no other, this extremely detailed crochet portal will dress up what may be an otherwise barren window in your home. Finished with pom-poms and tassel accents, it’s a bohemian-inspired look that will spice up your space.

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Not Grandma’s Embroidery

Recently, embroidery has taken on a whole new cool with artisans creating witty and fun embroidery art. Whether it be lyrics from the latest song or an on-trend image, it’s a creative, and surprisingly up-to-date, way to bring color to your walls.

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Keep it Natural

A table runner is a great everyday opportunity to add natural fibers into your home. This runner is hand-woven from banana fiber straw and is finished with strips of cotton ticking. The natural palette goes with any table setting, no matter how simple or intricate it may be.

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Made with a weaving technique that is traditional of the Gujarat State of India, this beautiful textile is hand-woven with 100% cotton. Place it at the end of a bed, or on the arm of a couch, for a flawless accent piece.