12 Sustainable Furnishings & Pieces for a Greener Home

Opt for reclaimed, renewable, and non-toxic materials for a more sustainable home

Jess Chamberlain
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Reclaimed Pine Bed Frame

Reclaimed wood brings a natural character and a vintage quality to new—even modern—design.

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Upcycled Textile Pouf

Remnant material scraps can be diverted from landfills and upcycled into beautiful, useful objects. This pouf seat is fashioned from textile cuttings like black leather and cotton.

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FSC-Certified Wood Cabinet

Wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council comes from responsibly managed forests, helping to prevent deforestation.

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Vintage Seating

One of the most eco-friendly ways to shop for home goods is by purchasing second-hand. Check out Rejuvenation's Antiques & Vintage page for unique, quality pieces.

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Recycled Plastic Outdoor Sofa

Recycled milk jugs are reinvented as material for this modern waterproof seating. (In a nod to its former life as a beverage container, there's a stainless steel bottle opener under the arm!)

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Reclaimed Teak Servingware

New life for cast-off materials. These hand-formed reclaimed teak salad servers and bowls bring a natural beauty to the tabletop.

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Recycled Brass Pulls

Striking proof that recycled materials can look shiny and new: this knock-out brass hardware.

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Organic Cotton Sheets

Pure organic cotton—and Fair Trade Certified—textiles in the bedroom mean you can rest easy in clean comfort.

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Recycled Plastic Planters

A greener green thumb: These wall planters (available in 9 colors) are made from recycled milk jugs!

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Cork Bowl

Cork is a beautiful renewable material (after harvest from a cork oak tree, the bark grows back completely), as well as being washable and waterproof.

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Recycled Glassware

Recycled glass gets new life—and a whimsical design—as beverage tumblers.

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Recycled Cotton Throws

Pre-consumer cotton fibers and clippings are recycled into yarn for knitting this cozy throw blanket with a graphic design.