5 Hacks for Small Apartment Decor

Make your small space feel huge with these decor solutions to the rescue

Nena Farrell
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Solution #1: Swap out a Couch for a Loveseat

Feel like you don’t have room for a couch? Snag a loveseat or settee for your space instead. They come in a variety of sizes and styles, making it possible to get cozy seating in any space.

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Tufted Loveseat

Camel Leanna Tufted Loveseat; $499.99

This wraparound loveseat makes for a neutral yet polished addition to a small living room. The high arms make it easy to lean against either side, rendering it extra versatile for reading, watching TV, or hosting guests.

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Armless Loveseat

Pillow Top Armless Love Seat; $799.99

This settee by the blog Designlovefest has a soft yet funky vibe, and is available in teal or soft pink.

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Classic Loveseat

Parkview Loveseat; $869.00

Grab this loveseat for a classic couch style that’s been squeezed down to size for smaller living spaces. Pair it with a slim rug to create a mini living room.

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Solution #2: Merge Rooms with a Couch Bed

If you’re in a studio apartment, creating separate living and bedroom spaces can seem impossible. Embrace a multi-purpose space with these couches that unsuspectingly hide a comfy mattress inside.

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Hidden Bed

West Elm Bliss Queen Sleeper Sofa; from $2,099

This compact, cushy couch doesn’t seem like it’s got a full mattress tucked inside it.

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Modern Sleeper

Allston Custom Thin Arm Day & Night Sleeper Sofas; from $2,100

This Room & Board piece might be pricey, but you can customize the size from an armchair that fits a twin mattress all the way to a queen-plus sleeper hidden in a three-cushion couch. Customize other features too, like the leg style and linen color.

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Tufted Futon

Winslow Sleeper Sofa; $649.00

Skip the hidden mattress for a futon that can swap from seating to sleeping. This makes for a great piece to keep as a guest bed when you’ve upgraded your furniture.

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Solution #3: Get a Versatile Table

Don’t try to squeeze a dining table and a coffee table into a small space. Instead, combine forces with these low yet large tables. Add some throw pillows for when you’re hosting guests.

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Natural Coffee Table

LISABO Coffee table; $129.00

This long coffee table makes for a great double-duty surface. The height makes it great for sitting on the couch or kicking back on the floor.

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Rounded Table

KRAGSTA Coffee table; $89.00

Go round to more intimately gather folks together. This piece makes for a great game table in addition to a dining surface.

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Velvet Pillows

Ruthie Velvet Floor Pillow; $49.00

These tufted, angular floor pillows are easy to stack and grab when the gang comes over for dinner and a movie.

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Solution #4: Get a Table and Stools That (Literally) Fit Together

Love having meals at a dining table, but short on space? Try a high-top with stools that fit underneath. The set will occupy a minimal footprint while still giving you a separate seating area.

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Counter Set

3-Piece Counter-Height Table Set; $159.99

With the seats tucked in, this table set can act as an extra counter for grocery bags, food prep, or even a little buffet setup for parties.

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Industrial Stools

Industrial Stool; $98.00

Already got a bar-height counter or table you love, but looking for stools? These modern stools have a little design twist that make for a nice modern addition.

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Bistro Set

Kitchen Pub Table Set; $189.99

This pub table works at every angle, making it easy to arrange in any home.

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Solution #5: Streamline Storage with Bookshelf End Tables

Take advantage of multi-tiered storage for books, plants, and more, and keep the middle area clear to use as a bedside table or for your coffee while on the couch.

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Leaning Shelves

Project 62 Loring Leaning Bookcase; $79.99

Go for the built-in look with this mixed-material bookshelf from Target’s Project 62 home line.

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Cube Bookcase

Andrade Triple Plus Cube Unit Bookcase; $59.99

Embrace your inner square with this three-cube bookshelf. The midsize height makes it idea to take advantage of the top of the shelf, too.

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Leaning Ladder

Edwin Leaning Ladder Bookcase; $104.99

This minimalist ladder with slim sides makes it easy to reach for the books it holds.