10 Stunning Rattan Pieces for Your Home

Give your home a dose of boho style with a stunning furniture piece or accessory made of today’s “It” material, rattan

Joanna Linberg
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To Have and to Hold

Rattan is more than sturdy poles and arching designs. The palm leaves are also commonly woven into caning, like the sort that offers a little peek-a-boo into Urban Outfitters' hefty storage cabinet. It arrives at your door with three shelves in the top cabinet, making it perfect for linens, folded sweaters, or even hiding electronics. Or, install a rod to the top, remove the shelves, and you’ve got a sophisticated take on a wardrobe.
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Sweet Dreams

This bed’s no snooze. The criss-cross rattan takes the starch out of a formal bed frame shape without sacrificing any drama. The curve soars more than five feet into the air so you can skip hanging artwork above the bed. Pair it with nightstands in a contrasting finish like metallic or paint to make it pop.
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Triple Agent

If a room could have a secret weapon, this rattan folding screen would be it. It brings a little je ne sais quoi to a space along with its practicality. Use it to hide electronics, the hamper, or a work zone in the living room; lay it flat against the wall as a larger-than-life headboard; or simply prop it up in the corner to add dimension.
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Around the Bend

A Palm Springs vacation just landed in your living room in the form of this easy-to-live-with arm chair. The bent arches that make up the back show why rattan is so beloved: It can be manipulated into eye-catching designs and still be strong enough for you to lean back and enjoy.
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Arc de Triomphe

Rattan meets another beloved material—leather—in this architectural dining table. Blonde leather cording wraps the joints of the arches to form a base that would be a sin to cover with a tablecloth. The table seats six; tempered glass top sold separately.
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America’s Sweetheart

If there is a darling in the rattan world right now, it’s the daybed. Tucked into a corner, it’s a restful lounge; anchoring a bare wall, it’s an instant seating zone; added to a spare room, it’s a guest bed. With that much flexibility, it’s no wonder these beauties are all over Instagram. Snag your own—it’s a modern-day classic. (Note: Fits a standard twin size mattress, not included. Mattress covers sold separately.)
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Shine On

If a room seems a little visually heavy, try swapping out an accessory for a rattan version. This floor lamp is the perfect candidate: a lighter-than-air style statement that throws off plenty of light thanks to the open weave shade. (Stick with a low-wattage bulb for softer lighting.) The metal base mimics rattan but keeps the lamp sure-footed.
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Style on Wheels

Bring some old-school cocktail hour glam back into your life with this rolling bar cart (or “drinks trolley” as they call it Down Under, where this model hails from). The vintage style still holds up with two shelves for spirits and mixers, plus a smaller compartment for bottles or accessories that need corralling. Available in classic natural rattan, white, or black.
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The New Wave

Around the middle of the 20th century, baskets dropped their pioneer stylings and got groovy. These modern-day baskets are a nod to those ‘50s mod aesthetics. The rattan, though, makes them timeless. Each basket is handcrafted over two days by an Indonesian artisan—call it an heirloom in the making.
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Fun House Mirror

The iconic sunburst mirror gets a boho makeover with woven rattan diamonds standing in for the rays. Would you expect anything less from L.A. tastemaker Justina Blakeney? She designed this generous 30” mirror to make it easy for the rest of us to get her coveted “I don’t take this too seriously” look.