15 Superb Playrooms for Endless Family Fun

Take inspiration from these fanciful and practical play spaces, both indoors and out

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Built for Recreation

This former rec room doesn’t stray far from its roots: As a playroom for young chil­dren, it gets style points from mismatched area rugs laid over the carpet and a custom wall covering of mid-century illustrator Charley Harper’s ladybirds. The ottomans can be tossed around for seating (or fort building).

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Chalkboard Special

Chalkboard paint is a favorite in kids' bedrooms and playrooms for serving as a blank canvas for creative tots.

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Surface Area

Two lacquer tabletops on collapsible sawhorse bases forms the ideal surface for young artists and crafters...and fort builders, too.

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Multi-Purpose Space

When you're short on space, making rooms serve double duty is the way to go. While technically the breakfast nook, this space is co-opted by the kids for lounging, doodling, and playing. Modular shelving houses games, art supplies, and more.

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Friendly Competition

Sure, you can buy a ping-pong table. But for the DIY-minded, the design is simple enough to mimic on your own. The table should be nine feet long by five feet wide and two feet by six inches tall. The net should be six inches high with a six-inch overhang on either side. For an extra-fun touch, paint it in bright colors (think: photo opps!). Engaging the kids in building it can serve as a family bonding activity, as will the countless games to come.

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Tiny Toy Solution

This vintage black filing cabinet with 40-something little drawers makes for an ingenious LEGO storage solution, allowing for categorical organization of bricks and accoutrements.

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Nesting Instinct

Artists Didi Beck and Dylan Hostetter designed this grape and honeysuckle vine nest that serves as a treehouse for a family of four. The homeowner says, “For the kids, it’s pure magic. They feel like they’re floating in midair.”

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Cubbies for the Win

Preschools use 'em for a reason. For toy storage, cubbies can't be beat. Outfitting them with buckets makes it easy to collect and store toys quickly.

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Outdoors In

This spacious and airy playroom mimics the outdoors, with its large windows letting in loads of natural light and a cheerful sky-blue ceiling.

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Eco-Minded Minimalism

For those who are constantly chasing toy clutter, consider an alternative model. In this zero-waste home, the family limits the playroom to four bins of toys. The rule is simple: If the kids want something new, it needs to fit in the bins. Once the boys outgrow something, it’s donated, sold, or re-gifted.

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Outdoor Play

What's better than a simple tree swing? The swing is enhanced by tree stumps that double as seating in this family's own personal playground, a.k.a. their backyard.

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Backyard Sandbox

Bring a piece of the playground to your own backyard like this family did, with a sandbox they built themselves. It occupies a small footprint in a serene space outfitted with multiple mini rooms, including a grassy area for picnicking and a lounge area for R&R, complete with a firepit.

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Stocked for Fun

This shelving unit provides the perfectly sized nooks for creative project supplies, as well as toys, games, and books, and can dramatically reduce clutter in the playroom as a result.

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Up in the Air

This treehouse is the stuff of childhood fantasy come to life, from the thatched roof to the twising staircase that wraps around an existing tree.

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Family-friendly design

An art table can be the central feature of a playroom, or can be placed in a corner of a great room if your home doesn't accommodate a dedicated play space.