10 Fun New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

Make it a New Year’s bash to remember with these festive ways to decorate and celebrate

Alejandra Bennett
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Game Night

Transform your home into a lively game parlor this New Year’s Eve. From Bingo to Blackjack, your guests will be entertained well past the countdown. Bonus points for dressing to the nines!

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Midnight Dinner

Start off the New Year with a meal that’s hard to beat. Create a fun menu, invite your friends, and assign them all a task in the kitchen. On the night of, get to work on preparing a fantastic feast (with the help of a little wine and great music), to be enjoyed at the stroke of midnight.

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The clock is ticking and what better way to celebrate the final moments of the year than with a tribute to time itself. For a countdown themed party, go all out with your “time” decor, from clock-inspired plates to a time machine photo booth.

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Mix Masters

Learn how to be a supreme cocktail maker this New Year’s Eve with a mixology-themed soiree. Have guests bring the fixings for their favorite fancy mixed drink and get stirring and shaking!

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Glitz & Glam

Shower yourself and your guests with an ornate and sparking affair. Think gold-plated tableware and decorations, copious amounts of bubbly, and pearls and furs to boot.

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Riot of Color

Colorful cocktail napkins and garlands are just the beginning for planning a party with an explosion of vibrant hues. Ask guests to dress in their most playful and punchy outfits and serve lively cocktails and snacks that span the color wheel.

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Red Carpet

Play celebrity for the evening with a red carpet-themed party. Line your home’s walkway or front entrance with a red runway and a step and repeat for a great photo op. Other must haves: movie popcorn, a candy station, and a martini bar.

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Mystery and whimsy go hand-in-hand for a Venetian-inspired masquerade party. Go big on the candles and candelabras and decorate with rich colors, like chartreuse and sapphire. Get extra points for sending masks along with the party invitations.

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Pajama Party

Pamper your way into the New Year with a spa pajama party. Guests are greeted with cucumber water (and champagne) and face masks, and the evening ends with a full-blown pillow fight! The only requirement is that guests arrive in their (cutest) pj’s.

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Paint the town silver with a groovy disco-themed party. Go all out with the decor and cover your walls floor to ceiling with tinsel. A perfectly curated 70s playlist goes without saying.