10 Eye-Catching Modern Decor Ideas

If your decorating tastes run modern and you want to give that clean, streamlined look a shot in the arm, peep these ideas for inspiration

Jess Chamberlain
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Sculptural Furniture

Consider furnishings with designs that serve as art unto themselves. These wire counter stools by Bend bring a modern touch—and a pop of color to the kitchen.

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Geometric Patterns

Accent pillows with graphic patterns add a contemporary touch to any couch or bed. This design with metallic thread is hand-woven by artisans in Rajasthan, India. Langdon Hex Pillow ($168).

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Clean Lines

These bright white square containers elegantly frame your plants, allowing them to take center stage. Blox Galvanized Hi-Gloss White Planters (from $24.95; powder coated galvanized steel).

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Unconventional Art Placement

Sometimes what's modern about an object is its placement. Here, a colorful portrait adds contrast and intrigue to a black-and-white bathroom.

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Playful Utility

Modern décor can be fun, too. This three-pound porcelain bookend masquerades as a lightweight balloon. (And is sure to induce smiles from houseguests.) Balloon Animal Dog Bookend ($49).

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Mural Art

In our Los Angeles Idea house, the designers printed photographic wallpaper through designyourwall.com. Tip: They increased the exposure of the photo (by Laure Joliet) until the sky was white enough to blend with the ceiling.

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Electric Art

Hearts are forever, especially illuminated ones. These neon pieces add a joyful and modern glow above a console. Neon Loves Red ($299; includes wall-mounting hardware).

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Unconventional Shapes

Look for decorative objects in unexpected shapes. These glazed earthenware vases buck the round-shaped vase tradition, acting as much as tabletop sculptures as they do for flower vessels. Totem Vases (from $24).

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Metallic Accessories

Bright colors and finishes can put a modern spin on a traditional design. These metallic globes might even get the kiddos excited about geography class. Decorative Globe ($38).

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Moody Palette

Go bold with dark colors. Here, a velvet indigo wing chair exudes quiet drama against an ebony-stained TV cabinet.