6 Tips for a Minimalist Home

Tips for keeping your space organized and clutter-free from Kyle Quilici and Cary Fortin of New Minimalism

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Decluttering with Kyle Quilici and Cary Fortin

Today’s method for organization isn’t about acquiring bins and baskets to corral accumulations. 
In their first book, New Minimalism: Decluttering and Design for Sustainable, Intentional Living (Sasquatch Books, $24.95), Kyle Quilici and Cary Fortin begin with a guide to extreme spring cleaning and continue with rules for thoughtful acquisitions. “People tell us they hear our voice when they are mindlessly shopping,” says Fortin. “That’s when I know we’ve created holistic, long-lasting change—when their mentality has shifted along with their space.” With an emphasis on conservation and meaningful reuse, Quilici and Fortin share their fuss-free tips for a stylish, streamlined home.

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Identify the Clutter

Countertops covered with everyday items indicate that cabinets and drawers are stuffed with nonessentials.

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Redefine “Full”

If storage is crammed to the max, it’s not functional. Instead, aim for half capacity so everything is accessible.

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Let It Go

Donate the things that you don’t require day to day. Try nextdoor.com for local organizations in need.

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Make It Manageable

A simple organizing system of canning jars and translucent baskets won’t disguise a mess but is easy to maintain.

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Leave It Out

Forgo stashing away utility items in favor of open storage that helps keep things neat and in plain sight.

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Every Purchase Counts

For pillows and cushions, invest in fabrics that are a cinch to wipe clean, like Sunbrella (sunbrella.com).