10 Minimalist Furniture & Decor Pieces for a Pared-Down Look

Modern, minimalist decor that doesn’t scream for attention yet still makes an impact

Jess Chamberlain
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Neutral Territory

A key tenant of minimal design is a neutral palette. (This keeps a space visually peaceful.) Choose key furniture pieces like couches in hues of ecru or gray.
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Basic Geometry

Minimalist rule #1: Keep it simple. This coffee table serves its purpose (a platform for books, magazines, coffee mugs), while the slim profile frame design is visually spare.
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Clean Lines

A backless shelf unit serves as a stage for books and decorative objects without dramatically interrupting white walls. The clean lines of this design nod to the modern quality of the minimalist aesthetic.
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A Hint of Blush

Choose stackable dining chairs with a simple silhouette. A warm neutral color—like this matte dusty pink—quietly brightens up a space. Bonus: These chairs are outdoor safe.
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Glass and acrylic furniture and accessories are the pinnacle of minimal design. Ghost-like, this dining table's sculptural form let the materials take center stage.
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Low & Lean

Ditch the headboard in favor of minimalist style in the bedroom. A simple wood platform bed (this beauty is solid mango wood) plus a mattress and crisp white sheets are the perfect recipe for rest.
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Hiding Place

Love minimal design but lack storage closets to keep your stuff out of sight? A media console with concealed shelving lets you wrangle it all behind closed doors.
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Simple Pattern

Relax in style with monochromatic patterned pillows. The design of these beauties adds geographic texture to a couch, side chair, or bed without making a loud statement.
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Sleek Curves

Solid white or black planters in simple shapes let your houseplants serve as living art. These indoor-outdoor containers are made of light cement.
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Baring It All

The simplest lighting option? A bulb. Illuminate a bedside area without the bulk—or design decision—of a lamp base, lamp shade, or fixture.