How LaCantina doors transformed a Los Angeles house into the indoor-outdoor home office of our dreams.

LaCantina Office Exterior
Thomas J. Story

Before it was entirely reimagined, this underutilized poolside wing of a traditional L.A. home had good bones, little in the way of light, and one too many walls. The idea was to transform this formerly dark warren into an inviting multipurpose space. The principles applied during the renovation were tried and true: Increase the volume of the space and let in as much natural light as possible. So a wall was removed, natural wood surfaces were simply and lightly stained, and abundant skylights were added. For full multifunctional impact, floor-to-ceiling folding doors from LaCantina were installed on two sides. The result is a luminous light box of sorts for conversation, collaboration, and casual entertaining by the pool.

Bold Fold

LaCantina Folding Doors

Thomas J. Story

With rolling hardware and robust panel-and-frame designs, LaCantina’s folding door systems provide smooth and effortless operation and have the ability to span any size opening. With clean, minimalist lines and clad in aluminum in a subdued and handsome bronze anodized finish, the doors meld seamlessly with the low-slung structure.

Get a Grip

LaCantina Door Handle Close-Up

Thomas J. Story

Sleek hardware, such as this Siena handle in bronze, allows for effortless unlocking of the doors and a solid grip for sliding them open.

Photo Finish

LaCantina Office Interior

Thomas J. Story

With aluminum on the outside and the warmth of wood on the inside, LaCantina’s Contemporary Clad line offers durability, thermal efficiency, and aesthetic versatility. Here the vertical-grain Douglas fir wood serves as a neutral backdrop that both allows the room’s curated collection of vintage furniture and objets d’art to stand out and serves as a more organic and natural framing for the landscaping and pool outside.