11 Double-Duty Furniture Pieces for Small Spaces

Fill your small space with multi-use furniture that scores high on practicality and aesthetics

Joanna Linberg
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Seating + Storage Chest

If wasted space drives you up the wall, have a seat—and make sure that seat opens up to reveal some deep cabinet space. Window seats and banquettes are natural spots for this type of extra storage, but a bench with built-in catch-alls does the job as well.
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Dining Table + Linen/Silverware Drawer

In a small eat-in kitchen, this table is a pinch-hitter. The edge conceals a steel drawer roomy enough for napkins, placemats, candles, or any other miscellaneous eating accoutrements that need to be handy. The solid pine can be left as-is or finished to match your decor.
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Console + Wine Cellar

Furniture that accommodates our vino habit? We can’t say yes fast enough. The gridwork iron base is sized just right to hold wine bottles (up to 77); the white marble top makes a classic setting for a home bar or a more typical table lamp and art vignette.
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Sofa + Side Table

Call it the new living room set: The two-tone wooden platform of this sofa extends to the side to make an accent table totally unnecessary. Durable waxed cotton canvas cushions in gray underline the sofa’s utilitarian style.
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Table Lamp + Desk Organizer

Technically this lamp is for kids, but grown-ups need to organize their clips and tacks, too! The rubberwood base features two compartments to wrangle those small office supplies, and the lamp (available in white or gray) has an adjustable shade to shine light right where you need it.
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Side Table + Device Charger

With this clever table, your phone or laptop can get a full charge while you’re camped on the sofa watching Netflix. Swivel open the wood cap for access to two electrical outlets and two USB chargers while you scroll IMDB to figure out where else you’ve seen that guest star on the show you’re binging.
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Futon + Daybed + Storage Chest

If the word “futon” makes you think of lumpy mattresses and cheap-looking wood frames, you’re in for a treat. This futon is built with the same comfort standards as West Elm’s sofas, but has a lot going on: It’s essentially a self-contained guest room since the back folds down to a twin-size bed and it holds a huge storage space (for linens or whatever else needs stashing) under the seat.
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Bench + Homework Stasher

Slip this bench beside the back door and you’ll have a spot for putting on shoes and holding the mail, homework, and library books that are coming and going that day. In the winter, commandeer the drawers for hats and mittens, especially if you have little ones—they’ll be able to easily reach their belongings themselves.
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Side Table + Tray

Surprisingly, most tray tables don’t have an actual tray (the name comes from the high sides of the table). Not so with this model. Lift off the Indian rosewood top and take your goods around the house with you before returning it to home base: a sturdy iron frame with a brass finish. Try it in a guest room (or your room) for a convenient way to serve breakfast in bed.
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Ottoman + Hidden Storage

It’s impossible to talk about furniture that moonlights without mentioning the flagship piece: an ottoman that opens up to reveal a roomy compartment. There are many versions of this on the market, but we’re taken with CB2’s masculine refresh: a hexagonal base made of shesham wood and a leather top.
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Bed + Occasional Storage

Forget under-the-bed plastic tubs. Drawers are easier to access and open up every inch of this precious real estate for storage. Out-of-season clothes, quilts, and bedding are natural fits for this space, but anything that isn’t needed daily (think: craft supplies, small tools, or sports equipment) could find a home here.