10 Ways to Decorate with Books

Turn your home library into decor with these decorative ideas for books

Alejandra Bennett
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Reading Rainbow

Organizing books according to hue isn't the newest trick in the book (pun intended), but there's a reason the trend has stuck around. It can add a visual pop in neutral spaces, or provide an added touch of whimsy when tastes run more eclectic.
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Writing on the Wall

We’ve always been taught that it’s what’s inside the book that matters, and you can apply this rule when decorating with books, too. The best illustrations can be found in children’s books, so why not take the family favorites and display them in the nursery or playroom? We promise they’re frame-worthy. Also worth flaunting: eye-catching book covers, facing out on a bookrack rather than shelved with only the spine showing. If ever the "don't judge a book by its cover" rule should be broken, now's the time.
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In the Stacks

Coffee table books are no longer just for the tabletop. From plant stands to nightstands, a good stack of books can serve many purposes. For the whole look, pair your book nightstand with a sweet tasseled duvet cover.
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Color Coordination

Keep it monochrome with this set of 20 vintage lilac and greige books. Perfect to fill extra space on a bookshelf or to stack on vacant surfaces, this set of books will add a touch of warm color to your home.
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Such Great Heights

Books are a great tool to reach for when decorating interiors: they add height, volume, and color to surfaces and spaces that would otherwise seem a little, well, blah. Bring some eye candy and depth to unexpected spots, like under chairs and beds, as with this simple wood-framed daybed.
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Read Between the Lines

Adorn your walls (and fool visitors!) with this powder-coated steel invisible shelf. The shelf hides underneath a stack of books, giving the illusion that books are floating in midair.
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Do Not Read

For the beige-, white-, and black-loving minimalists: The “spine in” book trend might be just the thing for you. Of course, this can’t be for books you plan on reading, but shelving books backwards creates a cohesive, understated, and beautiful look.
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Let’s Shelve It

When you have the right shelving, books take on a life of their own. They’re no longer just meant to be read, but beg to be appreciated aesthetically, too. With a sculptural shelving unit, like this ultra-chic piece, you can display trinkets, plants, and your favorite reads.
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Books Rock

Create a decorative (and useful) tabletop sculpture with these gorgeous geode bookends. Made of natural polished agate, each elegant bookend is unique unto itself.
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White Out

Got a bunch of shelf space to fill but want to keep your look crisp, contemporary, and elegant? This is the décor solution for you. Each book in this set of 50 is individually wrapped with a custom white dust jacket.