9 Ways to Spruce up Your Work Space

Promote productivity and creativity with these cool desk accessories

Jess Chamberlain
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Snip, Snip

Don't forget style in the details. Like "jewelry for your desk," these bird scissors are as gorgeous of an accessory as they are useful.

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Power of the Pencil

Add a little motivation to your desktop with these gold imprinted slogan pencils. Sayings like TRUST THE PROCESS and LET IT GO are little reminders to keep calm during the workday.

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Full Stop

Wrangle your favorite books in style with these metal bookends with a copper finish. (Not just cool desk accessories, these would look amazing in the living room, too.)

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Collating Gets Cool

If you want to liven up your desk, don't shy away from color. Accessories like this blush pink stapler will induce a smile every time you reach for it.

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Time Eternal

Yep, you can add a calendar to your workspace, even if it's not January. This perpetual calendar invites you to engage with it daily, rotating the date every morning.

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Lighting Is Everything

Like a functional sculpture for your desk, this brushed brass task lamp brings light—and style—where you need it.

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Desktop Garden

Our favorite office accessory: greenery! Bring a little life (literally) to your desk with a small plant in a cool container like these cork and walnut vessels.

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Keep It Together

Add a little bling to those inter-office documents piling up on your desk with these metallic binder clips. (Warning: your colleagues may start requesting more deliverables from you.)

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Office Throne

Who says you have to sacrifice style with office furniture? Add a beautiful chair (this one is velvet!) to your desk space and you'll feel elevated all day.