7 Ways to Decorate with a Cactus Theme

Not just relegated to a potted plant, cactus is front and center in home decor motifs. Sisters Andanette Valderrama and Daniella Carrasco, owners of Los Angeles specialty cactus shop Ponderosa, walk us through how to decorate with the sculptural desert flora

Carolyn Neuhausen
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Adopt Saguaro Style

Add a kick-back, road trip feel to one of your walls with this piece celebrating the beauty of the saguaro cactus, produced in three different colors and in a variety of sizes, making it a flexible design item for any size room.
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Stray from the Obvious

Using cactus in your decor doesn’t always have to read as a Southwestern look, says Daniella. She posits that instead of the typical desert brown palette, a cool way to use cactus is to mix it up with tones of gray and white. We love this bedding, featuring a lovely multi-colored watercolor against a crisp white background, painted by artist Casey Saccomanno.
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Follow the Neon

This wall art is one part kitschy, one part fun, and all parts stylish. Use it as the focal point on a wall, or as a sign beckoning friends and family to cocktails by your home bar.
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Youth It Up

With so much diversity in cacti sizes, textures, colors, and shapes, the sculptural plant can read as masculine, feminine, or more neutral, making cactus decor a great fit for a gender-neutral room or nursery, note the sisters. “It’s great to decorate a space for little ones with cactus decor, instead of displaying the real thing and worrying about little hands getting into it,” says Andanette. To add some whimsy and a touch of nature to a nursery nightstand, bureau, or bookcase shelf, reach for The Fiber Maven’s handmade, crocheted potted cactus, sold on Etsy.
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Create Ambiance

This trio of cacti candles will bring a bit of cheeky ambience to your outdoor dining table and since they’re fragrance free, they won’t compete with the wafting scent of dinner.
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Rest Easy

Relax with a cold one and get comfortable in your favorite chair with this pretty and comfy cactus-embroidered pillow.
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Hang Out

One of the many reasons why Daniella and Andanette love working and decorating with cactus is the diversity of the plant. This cast-iron coat rack pleases in both form and function with its prickly pear shape.