10 Ways to Get Perfect Cabin Style

These hallmarks of cabin decor will help you amp up the cozy

Jess Chamberlain
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Modern Updates

Surprise: cabins can feel both rustic and modern! The cedar exterior of this A-Frame was painted black (Flat Black by Dunn Edwards), which blends in with the bark of the property's pine trees.

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Raw Materials

Let natural materials take center stage by limiting finishes and keeping the paint palette neutral. Here, wooden shelves (with hidden supports) sit above concrete countertops and wood cabinets. Go further by letting your dry goods sit pretty on shelving (rather than hidden in the pantry).

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Reclaimed Furniture

Choose furnishings and accessories that are reminiscent of their past life. These tables are made from naturally fallen Cypress trees, each solid wood and one-of-a-kind.

Natural Tree Stump Side Table, $249

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Fresh Air

With cabins, indoor style is about channeling the outdoors. Maximize views (forget window shades if you can) and let the doorway frame nature's artwork, as in the cabin getaway pictured here: Cama Beach State Park on Camano Island, WA.

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Outside In

Whenever possible, make use of weathered materials inside. Here, upcycled oars become handrails for a cabin's stairway.

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Denim Accents

Nothing says cozy comfort with a hint of nostalgia like denim fabric. These beauties are fashioned from distressed premium denim that's hand-finished in Los Angeles.

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Stylish Simplicity

Here, a star pendant light hangs above a table and benches made from reclaimed Douglas fir to create a peaceful dining nook.

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Quilt Comfort

Cabins call for layers with a handmade vibe. Whether made by grandma decades ago or purchased new, quilts should always be at hand.

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Rustic Look

You can't overdo it with rustic materials. Here, whitewashed reclaimed wood and corrugated metal wainscoting line the walls while rough wood frames the mirror and serves as backsplash.

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Faux Taxidermy

Create an instant cabin-vibe—no matter where you live—with a resin stag head. (No hunting required.)