Sweet dreams are made of these…

Checkered Bunk Beds by Raili Clasen
Gabe Sullivan

Want to make your small bedroom pull double duty? Sometimes, you’ll find the answer by simply looking up. Recently, interior designers have been making the most of their clients’ spare bedrooms by outfitting them with bunk beds

*Record scratch*

Yes, you read that correctly: Bunk beds. Admittedly, the mere thought of one bed being hoisted over another could conjure visions of juvenile slumber parties and sweaty summers spent at sleepaway camp. However, according to Bay Area-based designer Kendall Wilkinson, bunk beds have grown up a lot since you last saw them. 

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“[They] are an excellent space planning trick to maximize sleeping space,” she says. “What started as a way to give children their beds has grown into spaces that feel enviable for adults, too.”

Bunk beds might’ve matured, but there’s still a fine line between a setup that’s joy-sparking and one that reads juvenile. Don’t worry, help is on the way. Keep scrolling for nine bunk bed ideas that feel current, not childish. Whether you’re looking for a fun way to deck out your guest bedroom or creating a kid’s bedroom that will grow with them, one thing’s for sure: The ideas here will take your boudoir to new heights.

Mix and Match

Bunk Bed Storage by Kendall Wilkinson

Paul Dyer

Filling a room with multiple bunk beds can help make the most of your footprint, but the results can appear cold, sterile, and a bit like a dormitory. For a cozier take on the trend, Wilkinson juxtaposed bunked setups with low-slung daybeds. (She even cleverly placed a few coat racks and cubbies under a lofted bed.) With enough room to sleep six, this bunk room can cater to kids and adults alike. “Warm stained oak, Parsons-style design, and a mix of navy, black, and yellow accents transition easily to a very adult escape,” Wilkinson adds.

Stack and Stagger ‘Em

Assymetrical Bunk Bed by Butler Armsden Architects

Joe Fletcher

When you think about bunk beds, you might assume that the top bunk has to hover directly above the lower bed. But, if you’re looking to eschew tradition, take a cue from Butler Armsden Architects. Here, the San Francisco-based firm took a staggered, asymmetrical approach by lofting one top bunk over a duo of bottom beds. The result? A space that’s less cookie-cutter and more cuddle puddle.

Style with Symmetry

Symmetry Bunk Beds by Kelly Hohla

Aaron Leitz

Every bedroom—yes, even those with bunk beds—should be designed with rest in mind. And, what better way to spread a soothing spirit than with a splash of symmetry? In this bedroom from San Francisco designers Kelly Hohla a duo of bunk beds and ottomans create a relaxed repetition that’s easy on the eyes and space-efficient. Meanwhile, pops of yellow and purple sprinkled throughout adds some personality to these dreamy digs.

Create a Chain Reaction

Cantilever Bunk Beds by Ike Baker Velten

Richard Powers

While most bunk beds boast a simple wooden frame, this space by Ike Baker Velten gives you permission to think outside of the birch (or walnut… or mahogany…) box. The Oakland-based design firm opted to cantilever the beds with chains, bringing an artful edge to this setup. “This matured the aesthetic, giving the room a bit of an edge while playing with a kind of medieval drawbridge theme,” says John Ike, partner at Ike Baker Velten. “Perfect for kids… or kids at heart!

Stairway to Heaven

Bunk Bed Staircase by Kathy Taslitz

Trevor Tondro

We don’t know who needs to hear this, but climbing a ladder up to the top bunk isn’t for everyone. (In fact, simply getting out of the bed in the middle of the night can be an accident waiting to happen.) For an accessible alternative, trade in the rickety ladder for a small staircase as Kathy Taslitz did here. Not only does this idea look good, but it also makes the top bunk a little less scary.

A Built-in That Belongs

Paneled Bunk Beds by Massucco Warner

Trevor Tondro

There’s a reason why bunk beds have an unequivocally youthful reputation: Since most options are standalone frames that can be moved in and out of a bedroom at a moment’s notice, they feel rather fleeting. For a setup that feels more intentional—and not an afterthought—check out this space from Seattle-based firm Massucco Warner. The paneled frame blends into the room’s white walls to create a built-in bed. Translation: It’s a big design moment that simply belongs.

Layer Your Lighting

Checkered Bunk Beds by Raili Clasen

Gabe Sullivan

Though a bunk bed might make it easy to fit more people under one roof, it can turn even the most basic daily routines into a full-blown debate. For example, when do you turn off the lights? Raili Clasen, California designer and author of Surf Style at Home, found the perfect solution: Outfit each bunk with a sconce. “This bunk room is ready for those tired skiers coming off the mountain,” she says. “Drawers hide all the gear, and each bunk space has their own reading lights and phone chargers.” That way, early birds can get some shut-eye while night owls are cozying up with a good book.

Go Big with Your Bed

Queen Sized Bunk Beds by Raili Clasen

David Tsay

Believe it or not, bunk beds don’t have to be teeny, tiny mattresses. As Clasen points out, size matters. “Having queen-sized beds on the bottom change up the traditional bunk rooms to allow for adults and couples to comfortably stay for long beach weekends,” she says. “The kids can climb up to their own sanctuary on top and have their own party ‘upstairs.’” Talk about a win-win!

Wow with Wallpaper

Striped Bunk Room by Studio Life Style

Sam Frost

A bunk bed might make a statement on its own, but it doesn’t have to be the only wow moment—just look at this space from Studio Life/Style. Here, a striped repeat complements the bunk bed setup, creating a sense of whimsy even grownups can enjoy. “We loved pairing the bold stripe wallpaper to match the upholstery,” says Shannon Wollack, founder and partner of the Los Angeles design firm. “The stripes instantly add energy and playfulness to the space.” A bedroom that’s equal parts bold and beautiful? Yes, please.