Will the new White House florist pick local flowers?

The White House supports backyard gardening and healthy food. Will their new florist think locally or act globally when picking flowers?


Design by our own favorite local florist, Christina Stembel of Farmgirl Flowers. Photo by Thomas J. Story.

Today we’re reading that the White House’s 4-month-long search for a chief florist has been narrowed to 25 applicants. Between wondering if this sounds like the coolest job in the world or the worst nightmare imaginable, I’m sure of one thing:

They should hire a florist who cares about origin.We’re big believers in the Slow Flowers movement. Sourced locally, you get fresher (sometimes more interesting or hyper-regional) flowers, support nearby farmers, and lower the carbon footprint.

Another of Christina Stembel’s creations. Photo by Thomas J. Story.

Slow Flower queen Debra Prinzing once put it to me like this:“We’ve been thoughtful about the food miles for several decades now,” Prinzing said. “We want to know who the farmer is and how it’s grown. Now it’s dawning on us to think about other crops—maybe non-edible agricultural crops are just important.  “People care about what they bring into their homes, from wood to decor, and flowers fit right into that. We’re really conscious about enjoying flowers as an expression of affection or celebration. When we stop and think about it, we want them to be local. It doesn’t make sense to have this huge transportation and energy footprint to bring them in from another continent.”

The White House has made waves with its support of backyard gardening and healthy food.Here’s hoping they seize this opportunity too.