The secret gardens of SFO (yes, the airport), part 2


California native, Eriogonum rubescens, blooms in bright pink. Jimmy says, “I love this little plant. I put some in a few years back and they self-seed pretty freely. Too freely for some of the gardeners , but not me.” Behind it, from left to…

We recently reported about the unknown dry garden at SFO, easily accessible from Terminal 1. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

If you have more time, practically every median, parking lot strip, and office entrance is another platform to showcase the landscaping crew’s talent. Here are some of our favorites:

West Field Road, located off McDonnell Road, between the passenger terminals and Rental Car Center

You can get there by taking the blue line AirTrain, exiting at Westfield Road stop, and heading down the escalator.

The star of this show is the Cordyline ‘Torbay Dazzler’ with its two bright yellow orbs of strappy leaves atop trunks. Behind it is a red-tipped Leucadendron ‘Winter Red’. In front of it are a collection of agave and aloe, plus an awesome Sou…

A seriously tall Cereus cactus surrounded by smaller succulents. Photo by Linda Lamb Peters

Outside of the Facilities Maintenance Building

Just keep walking east on Westfield Road and make your first left.

These gorgeous variegated agave came unlabeled at the wholesale nursery. They look so handsome in this tight strip. Also—this entire bed is irrigated with

Sharkskin agave play with old wheels. Photo by Johanna Silver

Fire House #1 (there are 3, total)

Continue east along Westfield Road for approximately 500 yards. It’s the last building on the left hand side.

Photo by Linda Lamb Peters

‘Sunburst’ Aeonium (look at how the back one looses all of its pigmentation at the end of its lifecycle! I’ve never seen that! An Aloe nobilis is tucked among them, and a ‘Jim’s Red’ Dyckia is at the back, right. Photo by Linda Lamb Peters

Who knew? Safe travels!