Lend a glow to cornhusks with votive candles

Sunset  – September 17, 2004

WHAT YOU NEED: Cornhusks, scissors, highball drinking glasses, rubber bands, raffia ribbon, chilies or corn tassels, votive candles or tea lights

It’s easy to fashion these cornhusk luminarias if you presoak the cornhusks (the kind used to make tamales) for 10 minutes. Cut the husks 4 inches longer than a highball drinking glass. Position the husks vertically around the glass, extending 3 inches above the rim, using a rubber band to hold the husks in place. Bend the tops at interesting angles away from the glass rim; fold the bottom 1-inch edge under the glass bottom and dry in position overnight. When dry, cover the rubber band with raffia, tying on chilies or corn tassels. Place a small votive candle or tea light inside.

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