Southern California garden design as good as the view

Sunset  – November 24, 2004

Outdoor living: Southern California

Ocean waves and coastal breezes inspired this whimsical garden in Southern California, designed by landscape architect Jana Ruzicka. “It’s an extraordinary marriage of art and the natural landscape,” commented one juror. “Playful, yet appropriate.” Another called it “a garden for relaxation and reflection.”

Two lots make up the property–one developed, the other left natural to protect ocean views. Before the remodel, an unattractive chain-link fence separated the pool from the open lot, hampering views and limiting patio space. Ruzicka removed the old fence and situated a new sculptural steel fence where it would enhance the scenery. On the patio, free-form walls hug the chairs and chaises. Overhead, giant sail-like patio covers gently flutter in the breeze. Fruit trees and pool-friendly plants, such as Asteriscus maritimus and ligularia, grow around the patio. Beyond them, grasses, native plants, and wildflowers maintain the natural look.

Designer: Jana Ruzicka, Laguna Beach, CA (949/494-8871)

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