A small lot becomes an inviting garden after a remodel

Small space: Los Altos, California

Elegant simplicity made jurors take note of this 1,500-square-foot front garden in Los Altos, California, designed for Bill Truxell by his brother, Robert.

Before the remodel, trees and shrubs camouflaged the entry. Now, a new gate and fence make it easy for visitors to find their way to the front door. “The clever grid design of the fence and gate provides privacy and a sense of openness at the same time,” remarked one juror. “It’s very welcoming.” The design also created an outdoor room. Here, a pathway that leads to the gate jogs under the canopy of crape myrtles. The trees provide four seasons of drama: bronzy red-tinged leaves in spring, flowers in summer, brightly colored leaves in fall, and a sculptural branch structure in winter.

Designer: Truxell & Valentino Landscape Development, Clovis, CA (559/292-2871)

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