A small garden makes efficient use of space


Compact gardens, where every inch must count, are often more of a design challenge than grand ones with space to spare. So while this garden is intimate–just 1,250 square feet– its efficient use of space, as well as its colors and textures, particularly impressed the jurors. “It makes wonderful use of the outdoor areas,” one noted.

Before the remodel, owners Maureen Cornelia and Peter Sheremeta rarely used the garden. The expansive brick patio was hot and unappealing, and it felt hemmed in by the glaring whitewashed studio and house. Designer Cynthia Hayes cleverly toned down the walls by painting the house a putty color and the studio a rich dark green to blend it into landscape. Then she added arbors, seat walls, and planters to create separate rooms and interesting vistas. Different paving materials–including gravel and flagstone–define the individual garden areas. Much of the brick paving was reused throughout the garden.

Plants were chosen for their all-seasons good looks. Pink angel’s trumpet provides a dramatic focal point from the bedroom. Bamboo, Japanese ferns, lamium, loropetalum, and nandina were selected for their handsome foliage and delicate textures.

Designer: Cynthia Hayes, Mosaic Landscape Design Group, San Jose (408/377-5680)

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