A watercourse and a chilling basin for drinks define this garden

Jil Peters,  – November 16, 2004

An existing rear retaining wall and a new elevated watercourse and spillway define this distinctive backyard entertaining space. They echo similar features found in Mediterranean gardens and brought to the West during the early 20th century.

Both the wall and the fountain, which incorporates a built-in bench, are made of pigmented stucco. The creamy yellow color complements the adjacent plants and allows the richness of the Santa Barbara sandstone pavers to pop out. The falling water creates just enough sound to create a cool and refreshing atmosphere.

The space engages all the senses as the gentle gurgle is accompanied by the scents of nearby lavender and Corsican mint. Taste is covered as well: A basin at the fountain top creates an ideal spot for chilling summer drinks.

DESIGN: Nicholas.Budd.Dutton Architects, Los Angeles (323/653-0226)

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