Meet landscape designer and stylist Hank Jenkins of Lushland Design

Hank Jenkins
Much of Hank Jenkins' inspiration comes from traveling the globe and seeing the design, architecture, fashion, and natural beauty of different locales

Lushland Design, Exterior Designer
Berkeley, California

Hank Jenkins of Lushland Design is a landscape designer and stylist who brings a new perspective to the garden lifestyle. He has a degree in landscape architecture and is passionate about plants. He considers himself a ‘plant architect’ because he is so inspired by the physical architecture, color, texture, and patterns of plants.

The power of plants and their ability to capture moods as well as to transport us fascinates him. He has spent much time traveling around the globe and been further influenced by global design, architecture, fashion, and the natural world. He believes that in order to achieve an environment that resonates, you must allow it to evolve at a natural pace.

Hank, a former member of the creative merchandising team at Flora Grubb Gardens in San Francisco, can be found styling outdoor spaces; speaking about plants; teaching inspired workshops on container gardening; working on his next book; or developing his outdoor lifestyle series for television. He has been a featured guest on DIY Network’s The Dirt On… and been featured in both Sunset and This Old House. He is the author of the newly published Sunset Outdoor Design & Build: Container Gardening: Fresh Ideas for Outdoor Living.

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