Gift guide: For your mother who loves to garden

A burlap-wrapped bouquet of local flowers (hand-delivered by bicycle if you live in San Francisco, also shipped nation-wide) to brighten her day (Farmgirl Flowers, $85).

A raspberry bush that grows in a container (our favorite: 'Raspberry Shortcake' above) (Brazelberry Collection available at nurseries starting at $22).

A kit for her to make a tiny, heart-shaped vertical garden complete with moss, lichen, and air plants to hang on her fridge—perfect for sending to your mother across the country who loves DIY projects (Flora Grubb Gardens, $36).

A watering globe set so she won't worry about her house plants going dry when she's on vacation (and won't call you to water when she's gone!) (Terrain, $16).

A pretty linen garden apron—because she'd never buy it for herself but will love using it to harvest summer fruits and veggies (Valerie Rice Garden Apron, $69).

Membership to her local botanical garden so you two have a perfect excuse for a garden stroll next time you come for a visit (LA: Huntington Botanical Garden, Bay Area: San Fransisco Botanical Garden, Portland: Leach Botanical Garden, Seattle: Seattle Japanese Garden, Denver: Denver Botanic Garden, Phoenix: Desert Botanical Garden).

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