This hardy, shrub-like variety gives gardens a tropical look, even in cold climates

Plenty of palms grow where weather is consistently warm, but it’s harder to find options for cold climates. Needle palm ( Rhapidophyllum hystrix) is a perfect choice for chilly regions, and it just might be the world’s hardiest palm.

Native to the southwestern U.S., this slow grower can tolerate temperatures that dip below 0° Fahrenheit, which makes it right at home in most areas of the West. And since it remains less than 10 feet tall and wide, it’s perfect for small space gardens or as a mid-level plant in larger landscapes.

Colors: Needle palms form fans of 3-inch-wide deep green leaves.

Size: With no distinct trunk, they look more like shrubs that max out at 6 to 8 feet tall and wide.

Care: Give moderate to regular water. Needle palms aren’t picky about soil.

Planting: Needle palm grows in Sunset zones 2-24. Plant in sun or shade.

Companions: Plant with other palms, cannas, ferns, bananas, philodendron, and Japanese aralia.