Hardier varieties are great for pies

Lance Walheim,  – November 2, 2004

Sweet cherries are early-blooming trees and usually not good choices for the coldest climates. Much hardier are sour or pie cherries, which make great pies but can also be eaten fresh. The trees we list are self-fruitful.

‘Evans’ (also sold as ‘Bali’), early. Dark red fruit; yellow flesh has excellent flavor. Smallish tree. The hardiest sour cherry (good producer in Anchorage).

‘Meteor’, midseason to late. Fruit has dark red skin; yellow flesh is firm and juicy. Tree reaches 8 to 10 feet tall.

‘Montmorency’, midseason. Bright red fruit; light yellow flesh is very juicy and tasty. The most popular sour cherry. Productive tree.

‘North Star’, early. Dark red fruit; yellow flesh is juicy and flavorful. Small tree is easily kept 6 to 8 feet tall with pruning.