Nursery we love

Sunset  – October 19, 2006

Linda and Trent McNair didn’t just dream about ditching corporate life ― they did it. Last year, the couple left Silicon Valley to open Surf City Growers, an Aptos, California-based organic nursery specializing in nontoxic (kid- and pet-safe) plants. Thanks to their high-tech expertise, the bulk of their sales are online ― you can search for plants by feature (color, sun exposure, height) and have them shipped to your doorstep. You can also purchase designed theme gardens, from deer-resistant to drought-tolerant.

In November, the nursery is stocking an array of colorful coleus as an alternative to traditional holiday plants; they can be shipped through the end of the month, and are available for pickup or local delivery after that. Among the couple’s favorite coleus are ‘Rustic Red’, ‘Scarlet Poncho’, and ‘Tartan’. Says Linda, “We’re living the dream.” 831/688-1088.