This Phoenix garden takes you deep in the countryside

Sharon Cohoon,  – October 28, 2004

Tera’s Garden is located in the Roosevelt Historic District, just a few blocks from downtown Phoenix. But you only notice the skyscrapers looming in the background for a few seconds because everything else about Tera Vessels’s nursery is designed to transport you to a country garden.

For starters there’s the store itself, a classic bungalow that Tera and husband Gary spent three years restoring to its former charm. The 1914 William Edward Cavness House is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Potted plants now grace the front porch, and the interior houses garden gifts, books, supplies, and a coffee shop.

The focal point of the grounds is a large lily pond with a convenient ledge that invites you to stop and watch darting fish and the birds that drop in for a drink. All around the pond are plants displayed in vignettes. An arbor provides shade for bedding plants and shoppers. And everywhere you look there’s a working fountain or an attractive bench to purchase or simply enjoy.

Tera’s Garden: Closed Mon. 606 N. Fourth Ave., Phoenix; (602) 253-4744.