Use this brigh green succulent as a ground cover

Julie Chai,  – September 12, 2005

Equally at home as a low-growing groundcover or when cascading down the sides of a container, Sedum rupestre ‘Angelina’ is tough to beat for its versatility and ability to thrive in varying conditions.

This succulent grows 3 to 6 inches tall and spreads quickly up to 2 feet wide, bearing yellow flowers in summer. Its needlelike apple green foliage lends a lush, tropical look.  It can be grown on its own for a serene effect, or used as a filler between plants in a rock garden or to spill out of hanging baskets. It’s especially pretty when planted beside hot-colored flowers or foliage.

‘Angelina’ sedum maintains its lime shade in partial sun, though it becomes yellower under direct sun.

The plant needs little water once established.