Orange is in. Use it liberally in your garden

Julie Chai  – October 12, 2004

Uplifting and energetic, orange is in right now, and it’s sure to give your garden (and you) a boost. Use a mass of orange flowering plants to mirror the fiery shades of a summer sunset. Or pair orange with chartreuse for a vibrant, tropical look, or combine it with complementary blues for a cooler effect. Here are some of our favorite orange bloomers.

  • Achillea ‘Fireland’
  • Bougainvillea ‘Afterglow’ and ‘Orange King’
  • Calibrachoa ‘MiniFamous Caribbean Sunset’ and ‘MiniFamous Orange’
  • Canna ‘Bengal Tiger’, ‘Tropicanna’, and ‘Wyoming’
  • Clivia
  • Dahlia
  • Erysimum ‘Apricot Twist’
  • Lantana ‘Radiation’ and ‘Tangerine’
  • Leonotis leonurus
  • ‘Mandarin Sunblaze’ rose
  • Mimulus
  • Nemesia strumosa ‘Orange Prince’
  • Osteospermum ‘Orange Symphony’
  • Potentilla fruticosa ‘Tangerine’
  • Sphaeralcea incana (orange mallow)
  • Tecoma capensis
  • Tithonia rotundifolia ‘Fiesta Del Sol’