Are picture-perfect roses difficult to grow? Not if you follow our guidelines

Jim McCausland,  – December 19, 2006

Beautiful roses win hearts. Gardeners, lovers, photographers, and flower breeders are all smitten by shapely buds that open into flawless, perfectly formed blooms. So it’s no wonder that rose growing has flowered into such a high art, with new varieties becoming the toast of the rose world every year.

While roses reign as the West’s most popular cut flowers, for some gardeners, growing them means just one thing ― trouble. But you don’t need an arsenal of sprays, dusts, and tools to grow them successfully. If you follow the directions developed by Sunset and other rosarians over the years, you, too, can grow them well.

Roses do make a few demands, though, and better care always translates into more attractive flowers and healthier foliage. Just remember the four basics: Buy plump, healthy bare-root plants in winter. Plant in good soil, following our guidelines. Water and feed regularly. Prune properly.

Success starts with choosing an adaptable, trouble-free variety. The introduction of our Centennial rose, ‘Sunset Celebration’, adds to the selection of award-winning performers. This beauty is disease-resistant, and hardy enough to handle just about any climate. It makes a handsome addition to the garden, whether you grow it singly or among other flowering perennials, in garden beds or containers.