What to plant, where to get them, and how to care for them

Letters following each listing refer to sources listed below.

Planting and care

Apricot, cinnamon

‘Cinnamon Delight’. A charming pink-brown with a strong fragrance; a similar one is ‘Julia’s Rose’. I plant these beautiful brownish roses with my lavenders. PT
‘Loving Touch’. Lovely long apricot buds and flowers. PT, SN
‘Savannah Miss’. A very fragrant apricot with double blooms on long stems. PT

Lavender, purple

‘Angel Darling’. Pointed buds that open to 10 wavy lavender petals. Unscented. JMR, PT
‘Lavender Crystal’. Chinese peony-like petals and unfading clear lilac color. SN
‘Sweet Chariot’. Clusters of fragrant purple blooms on trailing plant. JMR, PT, RN, SN

Red, pink

‘Baby Cécile Brunner’. An older miniature. Pink buds open to pale pink blooms. SN
‘Cherry Hi’. Red double blooms hold well in hot weather. SN
‘Chick A Dee’. Pure pink blooms with an occasional white stripe or two; blooms almost constantly. PT, SN
‘Dresden Doll’. Scentless, very mossy buds open to perfect little cup-shaped shell pink blooms. PT, SN
‘Renny’. Unique, old-fashioned flowers in a dark, dusty pink. Fragrant. PT, SN

White, cream, yellow

‘Cal Poly’. Blazing yellow blooms. RN, SN
‘Popcorn’. A dainty, honey-scented white rose with yellow stamens and delicate foliage. PT, SN
‘Rise ‘n’ shine’. Bright clear yellow flowers. SN


‘Magic Carrousel’. Well-formed buds open to white blooms with red edges. SN
‘Rose Gilardi’. Mossy buds open to apple-scented flowers striped with pink and red. SN, UR
‘Splish Splash’. Fragrant, porcelain pink petals blended with yellow. SN

Where to buy miniatures

Miniature roses are available year-round at florists and garden centers, and in floral departments of grocery stores. For the best selection of named varieties, order starts from specialists such as these listed below. ‘Sun Sprinkles’ is available from catalog sources, retailers, and through the All-America Rose Selections website, www.rose.org.

Justice Miniature Roses (JMR), Wilsonville, OR; (503) 682-2370.

Pixie Treasures Miniature Rose Nursery (PT), Yorba Linda, CA; (714) 993-6780.

Regan Nursery (RN), Fremont, CA; (510) 797-3222 or www.regannursery.com.

Sequoia Nursery (SN), Visalia, CA; (559) 732-0309 or www.miniatureroses.com.

Uncommon Rose (UR), Corvallis, OR; (541) 753-8871 or www.uncommonrose.com.

Planting and care

Miniature roses have exactly the same needs as standard roses–fast-draining and slightly acid soil, full sun, and regular watering and feeding. Once established, they should be pruned once a year in early spring after the last hard frost; cut strong, healthy canes to about one-third their original length.

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