Scented geranium is the star of this easy DIY body scrub that exfoliates, softens, and smells beautiful

How to Make Scented Geranium Body Scrub


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Scented geranium is the star of this easy DIY body scrub that exfoliates, softens, and smells beautiful

By Sunset Staff

Using a body scrub is like giving a gift to your skin. With naturally exfoliating yet gentle-on-you ingredients, a scrub can help your skin feel softer than ever and achieve a natural glow. If you want to try your hand at a DIY body product or are looking to save money on personal care, this DIY body scrub has a heavenly scent and is so, so easy to make.

We chose scented geranium as our base ingredient. With its dozens of varieties, scented geranium offers a heady palette of fragrances ranging from rose to lemon to apple to pine. No matter the variety you’re already growing in your garden, or what you can procure from the farmers’ market or florist, you can’t go wrong—your senses are in for a treat.

Trim the scented geranium leaves from the stems, gently clean them with water, and let them air dry. Chop up the leaves to yield one cup and place in a mixing bowl. Add one cup of sea salt; if you have sensitive skin, you can substitute the salt with brown sugar, which is naturally exfoliating. Gently mix so that the leaves are coated well with salt (or sugar). Then add a half-cup of a scentless oil. We used apricot oil, which can be found at retailers such as Amazon. However, any scentless vegetable oil can be used as an alternative: canola oil, olive oil, grapeseed oil, and avocado oil would all work just fine. Mix in oil until well blended.

Store the DIY body scrub in an airtight, sealed mason or Weck jar; use the scrub within two weeks. Your skin will feel smooth and soft, and will smell wonderful. Keep the scrub for yourself or make in a large batch to give as a homemade gift—a DIY body scrub makes a lovely present for a teacher, friend, or relative. Just note that the scrub is meant for the body and hands, and not the face.

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