Learn how to give a rustic terra cotta pot a touch of laid-back glam with this easy gold trim DIY


Give your old terra cotta pots new life with gold leaf, a paint brush, spray adhesive, and sealer. You can use a new terra cotta pot, but a well-loved, antiqued pot is even better. Just be sure to thoroughly clean off any loose dirt first. Start by spraying the pot with adhesive where you want to gild. Focus on the rim of the pot, create patterns or designs, do the entire pot, or choose a different spot to highlight.

Carefully place a gold-leaf sheet over the adhesive. Press down firmly before carefully running your fingers over the backing to ensure the gold leaf sticks evenly. Pat down any loose areas and reapply any pieces that tear or fall off. Remember, the application doesn’t have to be perfect–missing spots or rumbled edges add to the rustic style.

Once you’ve finished applying the gold leaf, you can leave it as is or use a paint brush to remove some of the gold leaf for a more worn-in look. Brushing off the excess gold leaf can also help hide imperfections and create a more polished look. Apply the spray sealer to the gilded part of the pot and let it dry completely before potting in it.

Since unglazed terra cotta can pull the moisture out of soil, these pots are best for plants that like dry soil like succulents and cactus. Sprinkle them around the garden to catch the sunlight or use them as home decor. While they certainly make a great home for plants, these gilded terra cotta pots can also be used to hold office supplies or to dress up a windowsill. Gilded mini terra cotta pots also make great party favors, thank you gifts, or table decorations. Tuck a little succulent inside and you’re good to go.

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