World Vegetarian Day is today. Eat plants!

Margo True

What’s not to like? (Photograph by Iain Bagwell; food styling by Robyn Valarik.)

Hail to World Vegetarian Day, founded in 1977. Oh, how far we have come in our ways with vegetables since then!

Vegetarian food is just so…good now. It’s no longer brown or lumpy, covered with sprouts, smelling of vitamins, or otherwise compromised; actually, it’s often tastier than the meaty stuff.

International flavors and techniques from India to China to Israel have utterly transformed how we see vegetables; so has the farm-to-table movement and the edible backyard revolution. The possibilities are limitless.

So, in honor of the day, here’s a vegetarian dinner recipe for you: individual vegetable enchiladas.

Vegetable enchiladas can be put together in about an hour, including baking time. Here is the recipe! (Iain Bagwell/Sunset Publish…