10 Must-Have Wine Accessories

Get the most out of every pour with these wine openers, glasses, and more accessories

Mandy Ferreira
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Chill Out

Keep your white on ice at your next gathering with a custom ice wine bottle chiller. Add herbs, flowers, or sliced citrus to the water for a unique look that matches your spread.
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Open Up

You don’t need an expensive, bulky wine opener. This simple waiter’s corkscrew smoothly removes the cork without breaking it apart or making you look like you’re trying to wrestle an alligator in front of your guests.
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Modern Classics

Break out these modern flutes the next time you have reason to celebrate. The hand-blown stemware has crisp, angular lines for a dramatic, minimalist look.
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Stylish Storage

Make your bottle collection a focal point with this copper wine rack. The rack safely holds up to six bottles on their sides to keep the cork moist and preserve freshness. Display it on your counter to draw the eye or nestle it onto your bar cart for easy access.
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It’s All about the Vintage

Bring back the best of the past with a set of vintage stemware. Elsie Green found these stunners from flea markets in the French countryside, but you can also try your hand at eBay, Etsy, or local shops.
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Camper’s Secret

Keep your wine the perfect temperature on the go with this insulated flask that’s big enough for the whole bottle. The stainless steel interior doesn’t impart any metallic taste to your drink, and it washes easily so you can fill it with water for your hike without a hint of yesterday's rosé.
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Top It Off

There’s no shame in storing leftover champagne–keep it poppin’ with this handy stopper. The tight seal keeps the air out so you don’t have to pour sad, flat bubbly down the drain.
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Let It Breathe

Decanting can bring out the best flavors, especially with reds. This hand-blown, lead-free decanter aerates wine and removes sediment. It also looks stunning on the table.
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Picnic Ready

While insulated pockets that are big enough for three bottles or two growlers is enough to get excited about, this tote comes with everything you need for a romantic picnic in the park, including a cheese board, knife, and wine opener.
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From camping to rocking out at a music festival, shatterproof cups are a must. These insulated 10-oz. tumblers are comfortable in your hand and keep your drink shielded from the elements.