Good news for oenophiles: It turns out red wine could be doing more for your smile than staining your teeth
Can Your Favorite Red Wine Help Your Pearly Whites?
Erin Kunkel

In addition to other previously claimed health benefits like heart disease prevention, resveratrol’s supposed skin-friendly properties, and even lowering the risk for diabetes, red wine is now getting credit for fighting tooth decay and gum disease.

Scientists at the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry recently found that the polyphenols found in red wine, which have also been noted for their antioxidant powers, may prevent plaque-and-cavity-causing bacteria from sticking to teeth and gums.

For non-wine drinkers, these polyphenols are found in drinks like coffee, green and black tea, orange juice, and lemon juice, along with fruits like blueberries, raspberries, cherries, and kiwi.

As the findings are preliminary, it’s not an excuse to switch out your mouthwash for a glass of merlot. But for those looking for a sliver of justification for pouring a glass with dinner, there’s a reason to smile.

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