Here’s what two experts in eating recommend from the Trader Joe’s aisles

Trader Joe's Editor's Picks
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Ever wonder what true foodies get at Trader Joe’s? Sunset’s food editors give the inside scoop on what they recommend buying at the cult favorite supermarket.

TJ’s Plain Yogurt

I love their yogurt. Their Trader Joe’s-branded yogurt is actually made by Straus Family Creamery, and it’s super fresh. —Margo True, Food Editor

Peppermint Toothpaste

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I always buy their peppermint toothpaste. I have a really sensitive mouth, and toothpaste can be irritating; theirs is the one that I found that doesn’t bother me.—Elaine Johnson, Senior Food Editor


Trader Joe’s levain is so much more reasonably priced than anywhere else. —MT + EJ

Unpasteurized Juices

They have outstanding unpasteurized juices, especially their orange and tangerine juices. I think pasteurization really changes the flavor of citrus juices, so I like to buy them unpasteurized. Tangerine is seasonal, but their unpasteurized OJ is available year-round.—EJ

Canned Fish

They have really good canned smoked mackerel. I like to eat it on toast with mustard. —MT

Bittersweet Chocolate Bars

Trader Joe’s has large bittersweet chocolate bars that are great to buy, especially around the holidays. You can shave them up for a dessert topping, or chop them up to use in baking.—EJ

Produce Picks

From the produce section, the bananas are generally good, as are their mini peppers. —EJ + MT

Golden Raisins

The golden raisins are so good—usually big and plump. —MT

Oregon Hazelnuts

Of their large nut selection, Trader Joe’s Oregon hazelnuts are a great pick. —EJ

Cranberry Walnut Bread

Even though it keeps getting smaller and more expensive! —MT

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