Salumi makes more than a dozen dried and cured meats by hand on-site, such as lamb prosciutto; pork salami with cayenne, fennel, paprika, and chiles; and finocchiona, a Tuscan salami flavored with a touch of curry. Go for the chef’s special private lunches, which feature a 5-course meal. Past menus have seen the rolled lamb and stuffed pork belly.

Open Tuesday-Friday

  Lunch: $40 per person (call for current prices)
   309 Third Ave. S., Seattle, WA; (206) 621-8772

Think beyond snacks and sandwiches


Potato, Fennel, and Salami Casserole

Food industry consultant François Vecchio stands by the slow, old-European ways of curing meats ― salamis and other dried sausages in particular. His motive is simple: superior flavor. Such concentrated packets not only make good eating but also make a fine ingredient in savory dishes.

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