Healthy Meal Plan: Family-Friendly Fish Recipes

A lot of health experts encourage us to eat more fish for their omega-3 fatty acids. For this year's Eat Fresh Challenge, my colleague Jessica Mordo decided to focus on fish, but she wasn't sure what to cook, since her young kids can be picky eaters. I thought these 5 family-friendly fish recipes could help her meet her goal while keeping everybody happy.

Goal: Eat more fish

Today’s collection: Family-friendly fish recipes

1. Green Onion and Sesame Parchment-baked FishCooking in parchment is always fun, and the technique treats delicate fish like sole very gently.

2. Grilled Miso Salmon and EggplantThe seasonings here are a little sweet and salty and very mild.

3. Pancetta Salmon Kebabs with Parsley VinaigretteI love this recipe because it’s super-simple but has tons of flavor in the vinaigrette—which picky eaters can simply avoid if they like.

  1. Asparagus Sole RollsHere’s one with a slightly fancy but not-difficult white wine sauce that adults can get excited about.
Curried Salmon Cakes

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