Leggy stands: high heels for your planters

We really enjoy designing things at Potted. Whenever we get the inspiration for something we've never seen before or haven't seen in a lo...


Twiggy Plant Stands with Bauer Pots and Vida, our Marketing Mascot

We really enjoy designing things at Potted. Whenever we get the inspiration for something we’ve never seen before or haven’t seen in a long time, we start to get ideas. In fact that’s how our store came to being in the first place…we wanted garden steps that didn’t exist anywhere that we could find. So we made them.

Marilyn Plant Stand with our Orbit Planter

We’re not so delusional to think we invented hairpin legs, or even that we invented hairpin legs on plant stands, but we do know when a good idea needs to be rethought and reimagined. We started thinking how they might be best used.

The Full Leggy Stand Collection: We knew that one stand couldn’t be all things to all planters so we came up with two configurations: “

Twiggy Stand with Gorgeous Dykia in a Bauer Pot: Perfect for when you want to bring a small specimen pot and plant into the limelight.

Twiggy Stands by Mid-Century Fireplace: Perfect if you want some raw geometry indoors. They have a small footprint, but a big impact.

Marilyn Stands on Porch

But Marilyns are diverse. They can take a larger pot or even a low bowl. You might want to use them as the base for a modern birdbath or even a fountain. Follow us on Instagram @pottedstore to see the different ways we are using them.

Marilyn Plant Stands with Acapulco Chairs and Fire Pit in the Background

However you chose to use them, we hope you’ll appreciate that the Leggy Stands are made right here in Los Angeles by a local craftsman who takes great care with his craft. All the stands are made of solid iron bar then powder coated black to hold up indoors or out. And if you’re feeling crafty or just want to personalize yours, they are so easy to spray paint or even dip-dye. I’ve done both at my house.

Leggy Stands are available either in our Los Angeles store or online at pottedstore.com. And if you happen to be coming to Dwell on Design from May 29-31, we will have them there along with some other fun things from our store.