Enjoy the flavors of the classic campfire treat when you’re on the go


Trail mix has long been regarded as a great on-the-go snack—it’s filling, easy to transport, and delicious. Sometimes, though, the store-bought versions use saccharine dried fruits or over-salted nuts. The best part about DIY trail mix? You can tailor it to your taste buds, picking your favorite ingredients and types of nuts, granola, sweets, and more, for a unique combination you know you’ll love. In this video, we assemble a s’mores-style trail mix that brings the campfire to you. First, add a dash of cinnamon and sea salt in a container. Add mini marshmallows and shake to mix. Next, throw in salted, roasted almonds and your favorite kind of chocolate chips. Rather than break up graham crackers, try topping your mixture with a cereal version of graham crackers (we used cinnamon squares), which is less likely to crumble. Put a lid on the container and shake it up to mix well. Enjoy this addictive snack on the trail or at camp, or back home, tote it along to work or while out running errands. You’ll get a boost from satisfying your salty and sweet cravings.