The Instant Pot isn’t just for big-batch dinners. Use it to make summery mini cheesecakes for two

Looking to get more use out of your Instant Pot? Try this mini cheesecake recipe that’s perfect for summer. Begin by making a crumb crust. Combine graham cracker crumbs and melted butter, mixing until incorporated. Divide this mixture into two mini pots, leaving plenty of room for filling. Next, make the filling. Add cream cheese and flour to a mixing bowl to form the base of the filling. Beat, and then add sugar and sour cream, before mixing again. Throw in a dash of salt and vanilla extract to taste. Next add lemon zest for flavor and egg yolk to fluff. When the filling is mixed to your liking, pour atop the crust portion of the two pots, smoothing the tops. To begin steaming the cheesecakes, pour water into the Instant Pot. Once you place the pots in the Instant Pot, your work is basically done! Cook for four minutes with the lid locked. Be sure to use tongs when removing the pots, as they get very hot quickly. While the cheesecakes cool, mix sliced strawberries and sugar together for a fresh, delicious topping. The mini cheesecakes, ready in under 15 minutes, are a delicious end to a date night at home.

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